3rd April 2012

Where do want to transform your neighbourhood?


I thought it would be interesting to see where ideas for the ‘How can we transform neighbourhoods in Britain together?’ GeoVation Challenge came from, even though some of these may be trying solve problems throughout Britain?

This is the first time I have had the chance to use the OS OpenSpace plugin created by one of our developers and for a beginner it was very easy. (I just need to find out how to link the marker information to the actual GeoVation ideas – my intermediate stage).

[osmap markers="ST6533893478;Welcome Visitors to the countryside|SP06638643;Community Payback Visibility|SP0970781618;Beautiful Flying Squad Flag List|SP0058184379;Hate Crime Reporting App|ST8688545103;Community Animation Mapping Strengths and Assets|SE1582739419;Local planning application review and display|SE1771530015;Neighbourhood Reinvestment Funds|TQ1492302679;spareplace|TQ2991704233;House of Games|ST3663764016;Mapping Social Enterprise|ST3663764016;The Community COG - Providing A Centre of Gravity|ST5886474556;The Happiness Bank|NY5424455567;Litterpicker.org|TL4672957762;MyCommunity App simplifies promotion & discovery of local Events|ST1657780432;Safe Areas|ST1844578797;Come To Your Senses: Mapping & Sharing a Sense of Place|ST1957777768;Spreading the Word|ST1984976456;street school|SJ4107165642;Community Hyperlocal Site Platform|TQ361887;The Mill - people making things happen|TQ34618463;Wandelwelt: co-creating a vision for future neighbourhoods|TQ35378474;Bricks and Stars building and public space reviews|NS2705584440;Helensburgh Beach Cleaning Project|SO805034;Schools in Transition: Mapping Local Communities|SO8415704691;SkillxShare - creating a generation of job makers|SO8425305190;Your Local: Every little counts.|SO8390805193;Cheap thrills!|SO8390805193;Collaborative neighbourhood community planning|SE3122554358;Local commissioning for local communities|SE2018262525;KO2 Dirtbiking for Life|TM4026577240;Our Big Bus & Train Modelling Data Set|SP7864696587;OS Diary Planner - what's on and where?|SK5961102436;Virtuous bread  bread a novels|SH8152981125;improving communites|SH5806330364;Community Transport Share|SH6230268594;Map Local Events|SE2973534700;Community Geocompute Applications hosted in a Cloud|SJ8512797320;Community Map Power|SJ8328596568;Wildlife Mapping Project: Moston Community Stadium|TQ32888306;The Place Station|TQ33749370;Online Hosting Platform for Outdoor Treasure Hunt|NZ2513664587;Where next|NZ2821265547;Suggested cycle routes|SK5821340085;Oasis project|SP4298109225;Can GI help the High Street|SU6847994793;Fractal screens|TL1930599517;Charting the Coldspot|TQ345238;Youth Access App|SK4356980985;Active 2 Work Project|SN3928820443;Drovers / Pilgrim Routes|SN3928820443;Re-cycling reminders|TQ3134779513;Residents’ Green Space Mapper|TQ3273080143;Youth Transport Forums|TQ3498175275;Violence reduction programme|TQ3163071866;Open Neighbourhood|SJ9555893169;Show and Grow|TQ2739363039;Neighbourhood Action - Crowdsourcing Community Issues|TQ2739363039;BikeSafe App: ending local bike theft with community engagement|SU1625483322;Block Wars - Improving Neighbourhoods Through Youth|SU4284103263;SO45 Online|SU3434545805;Trees United|SU2718329648;Sustaination - food enterprise mapping & communication|TQ6987789919;job book.com|TQ8946886120;My Neighbourhood – Live|TQ30468192;Right Under Your Nose|SO7632344871;Geo-tagged to-do lists to get things fixed fast|SK0397607114;Walsall and Staffordshire Timber Enterprise WASTE"]