16th July 2010

Winners show what GeoVation support has done


This week, we were inspired by our three GeoVation Venture Challenge winners, MaxiMap, Mission:Explore and Plaque Guide,  who visited Ordnance Survey to highlight the great work they have been doing.  They now have working, real and wonderful websites, apps or products thanks to GeoVation support. You can read more about what they are doing on the Ordnance Survey blogDSC_1648

Also this week, one of our winners, David Coughlan, launched his Plaque Guide website, mapping London’s famous blue (and brown and green!) plaques. It allows people to pinpoint the location of official plaques, search for and share their locations, and to add new plaque locations and photos through a crowd sourcing interface. The plaque guide site includes a map display where users can click on the location of each plaque, be immediately linked to a biography and view details on the plaque itself.  You can read more about this in our recent news release.


Don’t forget, the first of this year’s GeoVation Challenges ‘How Can Britain feed itself?’ is running until 3 September.  To enter visit our  GeoVation Challenge page.