26th September 2019

British Geological Survey GeoData now available at Geovation


In an exciting new collaboration for Geovation, British Geological Survey’s (BGS) geological data will now be available to all our members.


BExtract of BGS Geology 50k WMSGS, a world-leading geological survey that advise the UK government on all aspects of geoscience, as well as providing impartial geological advice to industry, academia and the public, will be providing its data to our members under the terms of the Data Exploration License (DEL).

Members will be able to access free and premium BGS products to experiment and test the use of the data in their products. Our developers will also be on hand to give expert advice and support on how best to use and integrate the BGS spatial data into business products and services.

A wide variety of data will be available, which can be divided into two categories:

  1. BGS Geology – Digital geological maps of Great Britain based on the different series
  2. BGS GeoSure – identifies areas of potential subsidence hazard and, therefore, potential natural ground movement
  3. BGS Civils – a suite of national maps of engineering properties based on geological data
  4. Infiltration SuDS Map – Provides a preliminary indication of the suitability of the ground for infiltration SuDS (sustainable drainage system, such as soakaways, infiltration basins, infiltration trenches and permeable pavements)

BGS focuses on public-good science for government, and research to understand earth and environmental processes, and is the UK’s premier provider of objective and authoritative geoscientific data, information and knowledge, helping society to:

Katherine Royse, BGS’ Chief Digital Officer, commented: “Geological data is more than just rocks. It can be used in a wide variety of ways from assessing if the ground is suitable for development to whether it’s likely to suffer from subsidence or is prone to flooding.

“The potential range of uses are vast and we are delighted to team up with Geovation and their vibrant community of entrepreneurs and innovators. They now have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of BGS data and receive the specialist support to develop their propositions.”

For any questions about the data and how it can be accessed and used, please speak to Andreas Mitrou or send him an email.