Our community is a special place of over 1800 members built from experts in GeoTech and PropTech, from across all industries, working on ideas that use location data to create solutions that address global challenges.

Whether you’re a developer looking to delve into data, an innovator wanting to nurture an idea, or an entrepreneur with world-changing ambition, becoming a Geovation member will provide you with a network of knowledge and expertise ready to fuel your focus and power your progress.

What our members say

“The Geovation Mentorship Programme provides an opportunity to add value to a small start-up and help provide them with a different perspective.”

Ashwin, mentor, COO at Metal.Digital

“Being part of the Geovation community is a shortcut to getting your foot in the door of the location-tech world. You can always find people with the knowledge you need and the right amount of kindness to help you.”

Andre, Moonthere

“The Geovation Accelerator Programme has given us the opportunity to learn and grow as business leaders so we can be the ones to steer this initiative towards scalable and sustainable growth.”

Urban R+D

“Geovation’s help in building our network was phenomenal.”

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