Our Challenge programmes harness the speed of start-up innovation to deliver actionable insights and solutions.

A Challenge is an in-depth open innovation activity that is run collaboratively with both public and private sector organisations looking for in-depth exploration of a specific industry problem.  By mobilising our community to explore the problem, we generate ideas, solutions, and insights for our partners. 

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Benefits of running an Innovation Challenge with Geovation

An innovation challenge allows you to create an innovation process for your business around a specific challenge or theme.  You may not have the resources to deliver an innovation process internally, or simply want to get a fresh perspective from working with others around a common theme. 

By partnering with Geovation to deliver an innovation challenge, you can take advantage of our team of innovation experts to craft a challenge that will meet your goals.

Solutions focussed

You’ll come away with a refined early-stage proposition that you can be confident uses a data driven, customer centric approach to solve your problem.

Industry Insights

You’ll gain access to insights  developed from the challenge research, so you know the problem has been fully explored, and the solutions will be focussed on the specific problem.

Access our ecosystem

We’ll help you make connections and collaborations with partners that you may not have been able to coordinate on your own.  An innovation challenge can help you leverage the power and of Geovation, which sits at the heart of the geospatial ecosystem to bring these partners together to work on your problem

Speed of execution

An innovation challenge provides you with results quickly.  They are time-bound, with clear goals and take advantage of the agile nature of startups to work at pace to deliver actionable outcomes

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