13th September 2011

1,000 signatures for the London Cycle Map Campaign


Interest in the London Cycle Map Campaign, one of our GeoVation Challenge winners,  is growing;   Ben Irvine tells us more, below.   Have you signed the petition to support it yet?

I’m delighted to say that 1,000 people have now signed the London Cycle Map Campaign petition which is being run by lcmcCycle Lifestyle magazine .

Fittingly, the 1,000th signature was accompanied by a comment which really says it all:
Love this idea, great for tourists and locals.

Public interest in the London Cycle Map Campaign is intensifying as the 2012 London Olympics approaches. With millions of visitors and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world rolling up for the ‘greenest Olympics ever’, the capital is calling out for a better system of cycle routes and mapping.

In step with this mood, political interest in the idea of unifying and improving London’s cycling infrastructure has been growing too. In 2010 Labour Baroness Oona King was championing the idea of a ‘Tube map’ for cyclists, and more recently Green Party mayoral candidate Jenny Jones has promised ‘a safe cycling network for the whole of London, not just blue paint and hire bikes in zone 1’.

The London Cycle Map Campaign is calling on politicians and cycling campaigners alike to ensure that the London Cycle Map idea becomes a stated electoral issue in the run up to both the 2012 mayoral elections and subsequent Olympics.

We believe Simon Parker’s ‘compass colour’ mapping system is genuinely groundbreaking and would offer an economy of navigation unparalleled by proposed or existing cycle networks anywhere in the world. His map is also – importantly – beautiful, iconic and inspiring, and would really send a statement to cyclists and non-cyclists in London and the world over.

Let’s make it happen. Here’s to the next 1,000 signatures…

Ben Irvine
Cycle Lifestyle Editor and London Cycle Map Campaign