Our Positive Impact Panels are a series of events looking at the data and innovation trends that are impacting industry.

In each event, we invite an expert panel to explore a theme or topic and how it can drive positive impact and sustainable development. Our panellists come from across public, private, third and academic sectors, and share their expertise with us as we look at how data, digitalisation and innovation affect sectors such as energy, planning and construction.

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In the mean time, scroll down to catch up on the sessions we have held so far, with topics ranging from Data, digitalisation in the Energy Sector, through to Biodiversity Net Gain.

Catch up on our panels so far

Data, Digitalisation, and the Energy Sector

Our first panel discusses the role of data and digitalisation can drive efficiencies in the Energy Sector.

We explore how we can best identify and support vulnerable communities, how the UK’s housing stock can improve energy efficiency, as well as how they can aid in determining the viability of alternative energy sources across the country.

Digital planning for sustainable towns and cities

Our panel of experts discuss the opportunities and challenges of using digital tools to create more sustainable and resilient cities.

The panel explores the role of technology in improving public participation and engagement, and how technology has the potential to transform the way we plan and manage cities, and the opportunities and challenges this presents.

Creating & Protecting Urban Green Spaces

Our panel of Urban Green Infrastructure experts discuss the role that data and digitalisation can play in the creation and protection of urban green spaces.

Our panel is panel made up of Public, Private, 3rd Sector, Education and Campaigner’s – all of whom are passionate about promoting the social, economic and environmental benefits that urban green infrastructure provide us, as citizens.

Digital Twins for Sustainable Construction

We discuss the role Digital Twins play in transforming the construction industry and achieving sustainability goals.

Our expert panel discusses issues around providing definitions and standards, the forces driving and the roadblocks preventing adoption, the sustainability challenges the industry faces, as well as what steps are required to move forward.

Insuring against physical risk: Flooding and the UK

We explore how geospatial data is used by insurers to protect against flood risk in the UK.

Our panellists discuss the relationship between climate change, UK flooding and insurance, the opportunities and challenges facing the sector, as well as lessons from international flood modelling and detection.

Biodiversity Net Gain Challenges and Innovation Pathways

We ‘set the scene’ and identify the key motivations behind BNG, the Biodiversity Metric, and the proposed delivery mechanisms. We also discuss key challenges: the impact on both local planning authorities and developers, potential bottlenecks, as well as the development of Biodiversity Offset Markets.

The panel also looks at innovation pathways whether they be through biodiversity offset market development, tools and technologies aiding ecologists, as well as the compatibility with other policy initiatives.

Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP): Pathways to Net Zero

With a panel of industry experts, we explore how local authorities can use LAEP’s in an effort to reach net zero. After introducing LAEP and role of Local Authorities we discuss the challenges, including capacity, funding, and standardisation barriers.

We then look at innovation pathways – the use of digital tools and integration of new technologies, also lessons from trailblazer cities as well as the future of LAEP in context of evolving policy and technological landscapes.

Explore our Positive Impact themes

Our latest insight blogs take a deeper look at the themes we explore through our Positive Impact series. Read more about the context for our panel discussions and the challenges and opportunities facing industry.

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