12th December 2019

2020 and beyond: trends, projects and innovations

Claire Corlett

As 2019 comes to an end, thoughts in the hub have turned toward making plans for 2020. It’s set to be an exciting year, not just for Geovation, but for the wider geospatial, property and tech sectors, and we take a look at some of the trends, projects and innovations to look out for!

Unlocking new insights

From Geovation’s own perspective, we’re looking forward to seeing Ordnance Survey’s Open MasterMap project come to fruition. This will see the delivery of the government commitment to unlocking mapping location data to provide an annual £130m boost to the UK economy.

The opportunity for Geovation members, and the wider geospatial community, will be to work out what to do with this data. From developing new insights for existing services through to developing brand new products and solutions, it will be incredibly exciting to see the innovation that comes from opening access to this data.

Whilst talking about opening up data, in 2019 we were pleased to announce that British Geological Survey’s geological data was made available to members and we hope to add more of the Geo6 datasets to this throughout 2020.

Skills and people

This proliferation of data means it’s more important than ever for the geospatial industry to have the best skills possible to make the most of the opportunities provided by this data. We hope to continue working with partners to explore skills development for the industry. We see huge value in making more connections between the sector’s talented software developers and geospatial experts – it’s only by sharing expertise that we can upskill the sector for the future.

Trust and ethics

2019 has seen the continued rise of AI and Machine Learning, and it’s not going to slow down in 2020. Alongside this is the challenge of separating the truth from scaremongering in relation to the data that these technologies provide. With this in mind, we have also started to see more importance being placed on the responsible use of location data.

Our own Benchmark Initiative was launched in 2019 to explore this issue, with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors coming together to put trust, ethics and data firmly at the top of the industry’s agenda. We will be continuing this work in 2020 to ensure that the value of geospatial data is not just unlocked, but is unlocked responsibly, ethically, and sustainably.

We’re looking forward to 2020, and we’d love for you to be part of our plans. Join our community as a member to be the first to hear about new data, join our events, and work with us in the hub. Alternatively join us on our social media channels to be part of the geospatial conversation: Twitter / LinkedIn.