1st June 2012

39 marathons, 42 days – Dragon Run done!


For those you following the GeoVation blog, you may recall my earlier blog posts about Arry Beresford-Webb’s Dragon Run and her mega-marathon around newly opened Wales Coast Path and Offa’s Dike path and I thought it was high time for an update.Puff the Dragon

On 5  May 2012, Arry completed Dragonrun 1027 and in doing so became the first person to run the entire perimeter of Wales and with that the first to run the entire Wales Coast Path . Over 1027 miles (final mileage was approximately 1060 due to additional coast mileage not taken into account) of blood, sweat, mud, sand and tears in 6 weeks.

During the ultra marathon, Arry, whose running day was any where between 6.5 and 11.5 hours long,  had to deal with rain, wind, exhaustion and injury, experienced several encounters with wildlife (turkeys, ponies and cows – to name a few) and enjoyed a diet of cheese and tomato sandwiches and chocolate spread with peanut butter. And, in case your wondering, her favourite part of the run was Anglesey  ‘Anglesey has just blown me away!  The scenery is diverse and stunning! And the people have been so supportive and friendly throughout!’

On the final ‘day’ on the Dragonrun and it was a short 16 miler which took Arry through to the Novotel on Schooner Way (which is where our Wales Coast Path GeoVation Camp will be held) for the start of the final mile the next day!

The final mile took Arry back to Cardiff Bay where she began her run 6 weeks before. Arry wrote ‘At long last the next day arrived! It was the day that I had dreamed of ever since the Dragonrun1027 seed was planted. I was both excited and nervous, I’d come this far, I had images of falling flat on my face!’

Post run, Arry’s knees were suffering badly but she had entered the Anglesey 131 mile Ring O Fire challenge within 24 hours of finishing!

‘Dragonrun 1027 has taught me a huge amount, about myself, and the generosity and kindness of people around me. There are some things that I’ve experienced and felt, that can only be understood by others who have taken on challenges to these kind of extremes. Some of these things I had heard about in my research and training, but didn’t fully understand until now.’

If you want to find out more detail about the run and the charities Arry is supporting visit her website or Just Giving page.