2nd August 2010

A month to go to enter the GeoVation Challenge


With a month until the closing date for our first GeoVation challenge for 2010-11, ‘How can Britain feed itself?’ we are starting to get some really good ideas. Amongst the more recent, is the idea Schools set up Market Gardens, with the students being able to sell shares in the business and the working out what to do with the profits and a Sustainability Reward Scheme – which attempts to link sustainability in food and recycling with community rewards

There is still time to get your idea posted and be in with a chance to win a share of the £25 000 prize fund to get your idea started.  Meanwhile, take a look at this BBC Future of Food video, and see what’s happening in Todmorden, West Yorkshire and further afield in Havana.

Even if you haven’t got an idea we need you to help rate the ideas that are posted.  So if you are interested in finding ways to help Britain be more sustainable using geography, visit the challenge website to register. Closing date is 3 September (12 noon).