20th September 2010

Aberdeen to Berwick Upon Tweed


Another update from Nat, who is now back in England.

EnglandAs you can tell from the title, I am back in England after around 135 days away. Scotland was an experience not to forget, not least because in terms of wildlife it was exceptional – seeing the sea eagle and the many seals and otters have been a real highlight.

The walking was extremely tough on occasions and I had some very long, 35-mile-plus days in often atrocious conditions. However, I enjoyed the vast majority of my time in Scotland and found the people, in the main, extremely hospitable. Every time I reached a low ebb there was an act of kindness that brought me back from the brink. (I have attempted to remember all of them on the friends section of my blog, but if anyone who helped is reading this and isn’t on there, my apologies and thankyou!)

Passing over the border into England was not my only milestone of the past couple of weeks, however. I also hit the 5,000 mile mark.

When it’s written down like that you realise what a lot of walking it is, but actually doing it every day, you don’t really get a concept of the walk as a whole. Each day is a walk to a target and beyond that is difficult to comprehend.

That said, passing back into England has brought ‘Home’ very much into reality and it does almost feel like I’m running down hill now. The straighter coast means progress is remarkably quick in terms of landmarks (towns, famous bits etc), where as in Scotland the lack of recognisable landmarks and winding coast made progress feel very slow.

I have tentatively pinpointed 5 November to stroll back down Southsea sea front. That way I can borrow other people’s fireworks for my own, small celebration.

Nat Severs