13th May 2014

AddressBase products help you to do more than just locate a property


Chris Chambers, Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Product Manager gives us an update on how AddressBase is being used, two and a half years on from its launch.

Address data has always been important for the public sector and commercial companies. The vision and value of a single spatial addressing infrastructure that underpins key service provision and enables better location data collaboration is starting to deliver results for all our customers.




Since the introduction of the AddressBase suite of products, the most comprehensive and current spatial address dataset in GB, the public sector has led the way in migrating to the new products. Over 75% of the public sector in GB have adopted these new addressing datasets; helping us all to realise the government vision of having one spatial addressing database within the public sector. Ordnance Survey, GeoPlace and Address Authority Custodians have overcome many challenges and will continue to strive for consistency in data quality and content at a Great Britain national level, and further increase the continued linking of the Royal Mail PAF file into the AddressBase product range.

The UK Government’s policy driver for information technology modernisation and service provision are seeing AddressBase products and the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) embedded in a range of services. The new Individual Electoral Registration (IER) project will be on the Government Digital Service website from June 2014; within the application it has the ability to link to the matching engine within Department for Works and Pensions and with Electoral Registration files received from the local authorities.




AddressBase products are also now underpinning key national and local Emergency Service systems. One such example of this is at Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) where through the sharing of accurate and comprehensive address information across back-office systems, SFRS can focus resources on specific areas of need. This clearly impacts positively on the performance of Emergency Services in operational response and therefore the safety of citizens within Great Britain.

There are many other examples of the usage of AddressBase products on the AddressBase products webpages, both from the public and private sector.