24th February 2010

… and the GeoVation Ideas Challenge winners are!


On 26 January the GeoVation Awards Programme winners were announced at the Awards Showcase held at Royal Geographical Society.  Work has already begun on developing these winning ventures.

Today were are delighted to announce the winner of the GeoVation Ideas Challenge which ran from its 6 October 2009 launch with closing date of 12 noon on 4 January.

The GeoVation Ideas Challenge asked people to suggest a great idea that uses geography and post it on the Ideas Pages.  Out of the total of 157 ideas the winners are:

153 doorstepr – being social with your media in your locality

129 Using Openstreetmap for local authority gritting routes

24 Location based chat and sharing application

59 Community Jobs that need Doing

122 OS Explorer Maps as a mobile application

103 Film locations map

57 Graded bicycle/wheelchair routes highlighting the safest routes

81 Community and public works planning and notification

10 The way a travel website should be …

50 Mobility scooter/ Disabled area info

The 10 winning ideas are those rated most highly by the rest of the GeoVation Community as reflected in the popularity assigned in the GeoVation Challenge website.

The winners will shortly be invited to Ordnance Survey Head Office in Southampton for lunch and a tour to learn how Britain’s maps are kept up to date. During the visit they will see how Ordnance Survey captures data and develops its products as well as having a peek at its Research activity, looking at how geographic information may be captured, stored, manipulated, delivered and used in the future.

If you have comments, experience, skills and expertise that may help these winning ideas develop further please post them at:

GeoVation Challenge website.

Happy GeoVating!

The GeoVation Team