2nd May 2012

Last chance to enter the Wales Coast Path GeoVation Challenge


We’ve had some really great ideas entered on our GeoVation Challenge ‘How can we connect communities and visitors along the Wales Coast Path?’ which was launched on 14 March with a share of £125,000 for best ideas.

The exciting challenge has seen a steady flow of ideas being submitted all aiming to better connect communities, businesses and visitors through the application of geography, mapping, innovation and expertise.

For instance, one popular idea is for a Walkers alert companion – a smart phone App and website to provide information on the nearest located medical support centre or offering  first aid support from a volunteer network of first aiders.

Or what about a new ultra race the Wales Coastal Path Ultra-Endurance Race – like Trans-Alpine, Tour de Geants, Marathon de Sables (MDS)?   This idea would capture the opening of the Wales Coast Path by launching a new endurance challenge onto the calendar. The race could be split into sections and can have ‘spin-off’ shorter distances to make it accessible to a wider audience. It could engage coastal communities and bring in external revenue (supporters, support crews, event staff and their requirements etc).

Other popular ideas include GeoGuide –  a film + HTML5/GIS application which would point to the faulting & folding of rock sequences to be found along Wales’ mainland outcrop with interpretations on volcanic activity and mineral deposits.

Or a  Mobile Treasure Hunt Game with Augmented Reality to attract new visitors to Wales by making a mobile application with a central web interface to allow Treasure hunt/orienteering games to be developed by strategic partners.

And Caban – portable off grid accommodation system which would provide comfortable accommodation at appropriate locations along the Coastal Path without permanent development and operate on uneven ground with difficult access such as woodland or rocky terrain and be completely removed when required.

There are lots of great ideas to comment or vote on, but what about your ideas? It’s not too late for some last minute ideas and a chance for creative thinkers, developers and entrepreneurs to win a share of a £125,000 funding prize, but hurry and  enter nowthe closing date is today (2 May) at 12 noon.