14th June 2011

City Farmers give away plants at ‘Big Lunch’


plantsCity Farmers, one of GeoVation’s ‘How can Britain feed itself?’ Challenge winners, made an appearance at Lambeth’s Loughborough and Cowley estates ‘Big Lunches’  on Sunday 5 May.   They took with them over 200 plants to give away for free to residents of the estates.

They designed up some stickers to go on each plant with simple care instructions and suggestions for how to use the plants. The plants were used as a way to initiate an informal dialogue about growing, as many of the people taking plants lived in the flats on the Loughborough estate and had little to no experience of Residents with their free plants growing. City Farmers have also set dates for clearing land on Loughborough Estate, with help from the local community, Lambeth’s Community Freshview and the young adult payback scheme led by the London Wildlife Trust.

At the Cowley estate, where there is already an established community garden, they asked for people to sign up to volunteer at the gardens in return for our plants; over 20% promised to give at least one hour of their time. Not a bad result!

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