27th August 2019

Clean up with Clean Energy


Geovation’s Chris and Luke successfully concluded a series of Clean EnergyTech events held at partner hubs across Great Britain. The events set out to encourage analysis and insight into the Clean Energy opportunity, and included a practical guide to using APIs, such as OS Maps API and OS Places API, fusing them with other data sources to help facilitate this.

In Bristol, Birmingham, London and Scotland the events were followed by Clean EnergyTech Meetups held with Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships. The participants and speakers were drawn from across the public, private, academic, third sector and start-up communities to explore location- and property-based data as potential ingredients to disruptive solutions in transitioning to a clean sustainable energy system, which would support the UN Sustainable Development Goals – ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all is Sustainable development goal 7.

Erica Purvis

At the meet ups a variety of topics were discussed in depth and with working examples. These included:

Dinker Bhardwaj

Fittingly, our final meetup in Edinburgh concluded with a lively discussion between our speakers, participants and hosts on the huge opportunities transitioning to a clean, sustainable energy system represents and its challenges. Dr Michael Groves, founder of the multi-award winning Topolytics, introduced the idea of a smart grid for waste. Topolytics have live data platform maps tracking the generation, movement and fate of industrial and commercial waste. Since, from a geographical perspective, waste is merely “a resource in the wrong place “waste is a valuable resource with a market value”.

There are clear links to be explored between waste and energy management, community initiatives, the roles of the public, private, academic and third sectors, and of reliable location- and property-based data in supporting the analytics and informed decision making required to meet those challenges.

Luke at Codebase

Ordnance Survey and it’s Geovation teams would like to thank Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships, and Energy Systems Catapult for supporting these events and the development of a Geovation Clean EnergyTech accelerator.

We would also like to thank all the speakers, participants and our partner hubs for their time and effort in supporting these events.

If you would like to find out more about these events or speak with Geovation about Clean EnergyTech, email chris.parker@geovation.uk