17th September 2019

Tea & teh tarik with start-ups: cross border meetup (UK & Singapore)


Just over a week ago, we co-organised a cross border meetup with GeoWorks from Singapore Land Authority (SLA) with support from Ordnance Survey (OS). By using a live link between the two cities, 40 participants in both London and Singapore took part at the same time and were able to ‘virtually’ network with one another despite being thousands of miles apart.

The meetup took place simultaneously in the UK (morning) and Singapore (evening) through live streaming.

With the aim to drive geospatial innovation in both the UK and Singapore, this was the first event organised by OS’s Singapore office in collaboration with SLA as part of the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two organisations.

The event kicked off with representatives from Geovation and GeoWorks followed by two start-up founders from each country presenting their own businesses. It was a great session for attendees to learn how companies in different regions use geospatial data and technology to offer innovative product and services.

The start-ups featured from Singapore were:

And from the UK:

WhatsHalal co-founder presented their Halal ecosystem that benefits suppliers and consumers by standardising the ‘Halal-ness’ of foods across the globe.

We were very pleased to have support from Department for International Trade (DIT) and Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) who spoke about the UK and Singapore tech environment and landscape for investment respectively.

The attendees were truly engaged by the presentations which gave clear market insights into both countries. Using the connections made at the event, participants will be able to further conversations and seek professional advice to help setup and expand their operations overseas; covering areas such as business incorporation, taxation, legal matters and financial services.

After the event, DIT and ACE provided consultations to 4 start-ups that had plans to expand overseas. These sessions helped the start-ups assess market suitability and explore opportunities to drive business growth in the regions.

Register your interest now to join the next cross border meetup to gain in-depth insights on doing business in the UK and Singapore.