30th September 2011

Cyclestreets developing campaign toolkit


Cyclestreets won £27 000 in the ‘How can we improve transport in Britain?’ GeoVation Challenge to develop a toolkit for groups across the country to campaign for better cycling facilities.  Below, Martin from Cyclestreets updates us on developments:

Meet our developer team!
I’m pleased to say that we’ve appointed a developer team and work is  proceeding fast. The team comprises Andy Allan, Andrew France, plus myself (Martin Lucas-Smith) from CycleStreets as project manager. Andy and Andrew will be working in it on solidly for the next few months so that a large amount of development can be done.

We’ve also developed the spec further at a two-day developer meeting last week which kicked-off the work. Read more here.

This is an open-source project. The code is being developed at httpss://github.com/cyclestreets/toolkit We’ll be looking for volunteers towards the end of October to join in, once much of the initial base of the system is in place.

We’re finalising a design brief and will be approaching designers very  soon. If you know of a really great designer or design company, preferably someone who might be willing to help out at perhaps a slightly discounted rate, please do let us have their details.

campaignAll in all, it’s been an extremely busy few weeks. The development of the toolkit has been possible thanks to our  GeoVation award, which secured us £27,000 of funding. GeoVation is an  Ordnance Survey initiative and forms part of the Ideas in Transit  project with funding from the Technology Strategy Board and the Department for Transport.

Martin Lucas-Smith, Cyclestreets