19th July 2011

Cyclestreets toolkit for cycle campaigners


Cyclestreets, one of our “How can we improve transport in Britain?” GeoVation Challenge winners, have just published the product specification for their cycle campaign toolkit.

This outlines what the toolkit will do, how people and groups will be able to use it, together with a prioritisation of these features.

Cyclestreets plan is to improve the effectiveness of cycling campaign groups by the creation of a user-friendly, web-based toolkit that will enable groups and their members to gather, discuss and make best use of knowledge about the problems faced by cyclists. It will help them to work productively to solve these problems, spreading best practice around the UK, and working where possible with Local Authorities to achieve this.

They are asking for comments from groups around the UK on this draft, and will be publishing a more finalised draft, incorporating comments received, in a week’s time for a deadline of 24 July. Please visit the Cyclestreets blog to view the product specification and leave your comments.