10th August 2011

Cyclestreets using OS OpenData


CycleStreets, one of our  ‘How can we improve transport in Britain? GeoVation Challenge winners, were awarded £27 000 to help them built their cycling advocacy toolkit for groups across the country to campaign for better cycling facilities.

A lot of their users will already know that they use  OpenStreetMap data as the basis of their street/path network for route planning, but did you know that they are using several of the OS OpenData™ datasets in their Journey Planner? OS OpenDatalowres

OS OpenData offers a wide range of datasets from Ordnance Survey. CycleStreets are using the postcode database, Code-Point Open®, Boundary-Line™ and OS Street View® to improve the facilities on Cyclestreets.

Find out more about how they are using it on their blog.