13th May 2019

Deriving vegetation information from imagery data


How Geovation is supporting the ‘Dive into Data’ event at the Engine Shed


On Monday the 20th May, our team will be heading to one of our partner hubs. As part of the wider Data Week, we will be at the Engine Shed in Bristol to support their Dive into Data event. Data Week is a week-long series of workshops, talks and events being held by the University of Bristol covering the field of data science and data-intensive research.

With the aim of inspiring students about careers in data, subject areas covered in Data Week include Python, open data, reproducible research, data analysis, live coding, deep learning and more.

Even though the event we’re attending has sold out, we wanted to share details about the workshop and promote the importance of Data Week

As you know, Geovation is an Ordnance Survey initiative – OS being Britain’s National Mapping Agency, one of the most respected and influential geospatial mapping agencies in the world. OS collect and store location information across GB in a variety of ways and data formats. One such data format is aerial imagery, which our flying unit capture from the skies between late February and November. Imagery is arguably the richest form of geospatial data, and there is much that we can derive from it. For example, within OS, our teams use it for 3D modelling and Classification through machine learning and computer vision.

Written specifically for this event, our workshop will enable users to discover the different components that make up an image and the tools used to analyse imagery. They will then be able to try their own hand at deriving information from an image such as vegetation health. No prior knowledge is required and step by step instructions in python, a commonly used programming language for machine learning and computer vision, will be provided, meaning this is very much pitched at beginner level.

We’re also delighted to invite one of our Accelerator Programme members Brittany Harris, co-founder of Qflow, to present. Brittany, who’s also an Alumni of the University of Bristol, will be talking to the students about her career with the aim of inspiring the next generation to embark on a profession in data!

As it has already sold out, this workshop is clearly very popular! As a result, we may well deliver this workshop at other hubs around GB that we’ve built relationships with, so watch this space!

If it sounds interesting and you’d like us to deliver a similar event near you, then contact us!