8th September 2011

Embark on a voyage of discovery with Foodnation


Foodnation, one of our GeoVation Challenge winners, is a mobile application and online marketplace where farm producers and growers can sell their weekly veg box delivery schemes directly to consumers. The Foodnation mobile app is a voyage of discovery for customers, making it easy for them to discover their nearest farm shop and veg box producers and farmers markets.

Foodnation will encourage customers to sign-up to the veg box subscription model because it encourages customer loyalty to their nearest farmer, an important feature when building a farm community and educating customers about food providence.


The Hertfordshire based startup gives veg box suppliers an opportunity to expand their reach and tell consumers about local farming events and their food. The farms manage their inventory and delivery, Foodnation handle recurring payment processing and orders, something which farmers are not necessarily geared up to do. Foodnation make it easy for farmers to start trading.

Says Louise, who is Foodnation’s founder :

The tractor was invented in 1892, farmers had to learn how to drive it to stay in business, in the same way today ecommerce technologies can help small farms reach new markets. We encourage farmers and their employees to learn what an RSS, XML and API produce feed is, and that it’s important to create one for their business. It is as important an invention for farmers as the modern day tractor was back then.

Foodnation will be testing their applications at the Abergavenny food festival and they have a few extra surprises and goodies up their sleeve for their mobile app launch in September so stay posted! Please join them on twitter for live updates: @food_nation