21st November 2017

Why Northumbrian Water Group are sponsoring the Geovation Challenge


Northumbrian Water Group are sponsoring the Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge. Clive Surman-Wells, Operational Solutions Manager, explains why they wanted to get involved with this Challenge and the impact they hope your ideas will make. Read his blog below and don’t delay in entering your idea – the closing date is 29 November!

Northumbrian Water Group decided to sponsor the Greener, Smarter Communities and Cities Challenge because we had a taster of Geovation at NWG’s Festival of Innovation in July 2017 and we liked the process. Being an innovative company, we know converting great ideas into a reality is the toughest part of the innovation process and we feel the Geovation process really helped us develop our ideas at the festival.  Enhancing the environment and our communities is part of our corporate vision so it’s natural that we’d want to support those developing ideas that can help us improve too.

Northumbrian Water logoWe’re currently working on a project ourselves coming out of our Festival of Innovation in July. The project, code named ‘BreathEasy’, uses the qualities of MOSS to improve air quality and we hope to use this in future to reduce our impact on the environment.

Northumbrian Water Group will be looking for innovative ideas which are able to launch and scale sustainably. We’ll be looking for these key criteria:


Got an idea?

If you’re sitting on a great idea but haven’t done anything about it because you’re not sure where to start then from our experience the Geovation process a great opportunity to convert ideas into a reality, supported by a great process, surrounded by other innovative thinkers.

 Clive Surman-Wells, Northumbrian Water Group

Enter the Geovation Challenge todayNot only will you get to tap into resource from 225-year-old mapping organisation, Ordnance Survey, you’ll receive expert advice from some of our leading business professionals on how to apply a proven innovation methodology to your ideas, in hope to build, launch and scale them – potentially globally. Winners of the Challenge will get an all-expenses-paid place at our 3-day mini-accelerator Geovation Camp and Conference in London in February 2018, worth up to £8K You’ll connect with smart, passionate people and test your idea with mentors, business advisors and designers in the ideal environment for it to flourish and grow.

At the Conference on Day 3, you’ll be ready to pitch succinctly and convincingly to investors, funders, sponsors, policy-makers and community leaders and if your idea has the potential to make the greatest impact – you’ll have the opportunity gain grant funding from a pot of £185K or a place on Ordnance Survey’s start-up accelerator, the Geovation Programme. Don’t miss out on this fabulous experience – enter the Geovation Challenge!

To enter visit: https://geovation.uk/challenge/

The Challenge runs until 29 November 2017 and is open to UK-based organisations or residents, aged 18 or over. The Geovation Camp and Conference takes place in London in 14-16 February 2018.