Finalists invited to Wales Coast Path GeoVation Showcase

Well done to the 13 teams that took part in the GeoVation Camp last weekend in Cardiff. The sheer level of energy from the GeoVators over the weekend of prototyping and pitching was truly inspiring  and on Sunday the group finished with a rousing rendition of the Welsh National Anthem!

With a take on our Innovation = Problem x Solution x Execution formula used over the weekend Terry Jackson, one of our GeoVation supporters said of the Camp: Great people + great process + great fun = great weekend!

GeoVation camp Cardiff group

At the end of the weekend the judging panel selected 8 finalists to go forward to the GeoVation Showcase on 18 July.

We are pleased to announce that the finalists are:

    • Growing Routes An idea posted by Richard, a web based app designed to engineer business opportunities along the 870 mile long route. It will seek to encourage businesses to expand thereby bringing jobs and opportunities to local residents.
    • Perfect Visitor Companion An idea to engage with visitors to the Wales Coast Path through a smartphone app. The platform will connect with visitors by creating new, exciting cultural and historical themed visitor experiences to enrich the local community and businesses.
    • Living Paths  An idea in which communities create their Wikipedia page and post articles about their community which are geo-tagged. Local visitors and tourists will be able to access this information via smartphones providing them with a rich cultural and historical experience.
    • Igam Ogam  GPS based Augmented Reality Oral History smartphone app. Welsh place names, rock formations or bays viewed through the camera of a smartphone will be translated automatically into English, with the correct Welsh pronunciation. Text will follow, explaining the origin of the name. The aim is to incorporate local voices into the recordings creating a culturally authentic feel.
    • Experience Wales A web and smartphone based app to enhance backpackers experiences. Through social media and crowd sourcing, it will allow young people to build and custom design their volunteering holiday route, helping local communities and finding accommodation along the Wales Coast Path.
    • Food Finder The idea to create  a smartphone app and website to  map to highlight delicious local food (and beer), farms, wild food hotspots, food activities and places to eat.  It will provide details of seasonal wild food for the whole year.
    • Near Field Comms (NFC) The idea is to attach colour coded tags to sign posts at regular intervals along the path which would allow smartphone users to scan the tag to get  information about local accommodation and food along with a map with directions to local hotspots.
    • The Walk Exchange – An idea to show 360 degree elevations of the Wales Coast Path which would showcase the path and help people plan walks  from a combined team formed from these 4 ideas  Online Path Viewer 360 Virtual Tours , GPS Driven Local Infomation,  and Scrolling Elevation Map  

Thank you to everyone that attended the camp, it was a really fun, friendly and intense weekend, and all the ideas teams have received feedback from the judging panel.

The GeoVation Wales Coast Path Challenge partners are Technology Strategy Board’s SBRI programme, Visit Wales (Welsh Government), Ramblers Cymru and supported by the Inventorium programme.

The finalists are now invited to SWALEC stadium in Cardiff on 18 July to take part in a ‘Dragons Den’ style GeoVation Showcase where they will pitch for a share of £125,000 to fund their idea!  You can register for the event here.

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