6th July 2012

Finalists prepare for the GeoVation Showcase


As the finalists prepare for the ‘How can we connect communities and visitors along the Wales Coast Path?’ GeoVation Showcase we’re giving you more information on their ideas.   On  Wednesday we told you about Trail Buddy – formerly Near Field Communications (NFC) and Experience Wales.  Today, you can find out more about Igam Ogam and Living Paths .  If you’d like to see the ideas pitch for a share of £125,000 in funding in Cardiff on 18 July- sign up for your free ticket.

Igam Ogam

Imagine the landscape of the coast path as a book, with all the different layers of the landscape like the chapters of that book.

Each chapter tells a story, and together they make one big story that transforms this landscape for us, giving it meaning and a sense of place.

The problem is some visitors look at the beautiful cover of this book, but rarely open it.  They don’t share in this story so they have little understanding of how they impact on the community who lives here.

They might think that they’re helping the local economy, not realising that their money is leaving town in the next supermarket trolley.

We want visitors to share in the narrative that has shaped this place; giving them a deeper richer experience when they visit and helping them understand their own place in the story. This raises cultural awareness and has a direct economic benefit to the local community.Igam Ogam

We want to bring visitors and local communities together to share their stories, and through sharing them, re-enforce their connection to the path and to each other.

Our Augmented Reality smartphone app will link with site-specific audiovisual storytelling from the local communities to bring to life the sense of place that lies beyond the map.

We’ll train members of the community to use this tool, enabling them pass on their new skills to others, giving communities the power to write the next chapter of this story.  Because these aren’t just reflections on the past, these are the stories that will shape the future.

We all live on the coast path so this really matters to us.  We’re thrilled to have been chosen to go forward to the GeoVation showcase in Cardiff where we hope to take our venture through to the next stage.

Living Paths

The ‘Living Paths’ proposal, from a team of experienced Wikipedia editors, Wikipedia Plantinvolves training the people and community groups along the Wales Coast Path to create Wikipedia content (text and multi-media) about the features of interest and historical events which are local to them. It gives responsibility for choosing, writing and maintaining that content to the people who know the area best, with the support of experienced volunteer Wikipedia editors from around the globe, who will help them to maintain it and translate it into other languages.

That content – with other content delivery partners such as Cadw and the Welsh National Library – will then be available to anyone – including other GeoVation competitors – for reuse, even commercially, under free and open licences, at no charge whatsoever. The imparted digital skills and increased confidence will also allow recipients to cascade training to neighbouring communities.

The content will also be available in accessible, mobile friendly format, to the path’s visitors, through the use of technically-innovative QRpedia QR codes, which will deliver articles in the visitor’s preferred language, either immediately, or later if no mobile data signal is available.

The project, based on the successfully-proven work done by the team in Monmouthpedia, will use Wikipedia’s existing facilities to host and serve that content, inline with its community-derived polices and procedures, at no cost, in perpetuity.

The project will also use Wikipedia’s existing, multi-platform mobile apps, and be available via third-party apps and web services, to display geo-tagged articles local to the user, or to a point of their choosing. Rather than a ‘closed’ approach, this project will be ‘open’ – from the roots up! Totally organic, home grown and with global muscle!