9th July 2012

More on the finalists for Wales Coast Path Showcase


Just over a week to go to the  ‘How can we connect communities and visitors along the Wales Coast Path?’ GeoVation Showcase and we’re giving you more information on their ideas  that will be pitching for a share of £125,000 in funding.   On  Friday we told you about Igam Ogam and Living Paths.  Today, you can find out more about Perfect Visitor Companion and View Wales 360 – a combined idea formed from these 4:  Online Path Viewer 360 Virtual Tours , GPS Driven Local Infomation,  and Scrolling Elevation Map  .  If you’d like to see the teams present their ideas in Cardiff on 18 July- sign up for your free ticket.

Perfect Visitor Companion

Ah yes, that age old and familiar problem of friends coming to stay and you’re not sure what to do or where to take them?

Then again it might be the kids driving you nuts hanging about the house on their laptops and mobile phones?perfect visitor companion

Or maybe underneath it all you’re feeling just a little guilty that you don’t know enough about your local walks, beaches, the opening times for places to visit or even where’s the best place to park – should you decide to venture out on an audio tour guide that will tell you, your friends and all the family everything that you could ever want to know about the surrounding natural and cultural heritage? Oh, and the really important bit – where to have lots of fun too!

Well, there’s no need to feel bad as help is just around the corner – literally!

Imagine downloading for free an app that will take you to all the very best locations and activities along the Wales Coastal Path. And don’t worry, it will tell you if the walks are quick and easy, a little longer or maybe even a bit challenging just depending on whether you and your friends have been hitting the gym or the biscuit tin lately!

And then try to imagine, as you walk along the Path listening to all the local quirky facts and finding out about the local attractions, that when your family start to cry out “it’s time to take a pit stop” or maybe more likely “where can we get some good grub and a drink” that you’ll be able to guide them straight there proudly telling them exactly what’s on the menu.

And because you’re using the “Perfect Visitor Companion” apps, you’re going to get a special discount, or a seasonal offer, as well as a warm local welcome just by turning up!

View Wales 360

The Wales coast has a huge amount to offer, being rated by The Lonely Planet as the “World’s No.1 travel experience destination….” with the View Wales 360ability to walk along the whole 870 miles of the coastline. But how do you make sure your visit will be a fantastic experience and how does the Coastal Path attract a more diverse group of people.

View Cymru provides the ability to see large parts of the coast and path in stunning panoramic views, attracting new and existing visitors while bringing all the information they need onto a map tailored to their specific needs. Alternative portals are provided tuned to different interest groups such as adventure seekers, families, art lovers as well as experienced hikers. These allow visitors the ability to plan, view and book their trips from a single point by selecting the various services pinpointed on the map.

Feedback from users will also be important allowing walks that people have planned and completed to be rated for enjoyment and difficulty, as well as providing commentary on the walk and local facilities and engagement from the local community.

The group already has a number of views of the Pembrokeshire coastline and intends to extend these to form a Path viewer, rapidly building a prototype site based on Pembrokeshire using these and other geo-tagged photos and videos, to be up and running within 2 – 3 months, building further functionality later as user experience directs.

Three revenue streams have been identified to allow the service to become sustainable, creating the potential for scalability – booking fee sharing, pay per click-through and portal specific sponsorship. There is also a rapidly growing community of ‘asset sharing’ sites that allow low cost alternatives for accommodation, car and bike hire etc. using local spare capacity which can generate additional revenues.