11th May 2012

Foodnation launch Free Android app

In the guest post below, Louise Campbell of 2011 GeoVation Challenge winner, Foodnation, announces the launch of their free Android app, so now you can find your local produce wherever you are.
Foodnation android app

Foodnation are hugely  excited to announce the launch of our FREE Android app. The app can be used on all Android phones and tablets, and producer locations and can be accessed directly via our postcode field, using GPS from the homescreen, without having to login, making the app super easy to use and launch from anywhere.

Additional app features allow users to share favourite producer locations to twitter and facebook easily, the app will pre-fill information on which producers details you would like to share, making it easy for Facebook and Twitter users to share their favourite producers with friends, on their own wall and timeline and Twitter feed.

It has been hugely enjoyable and a great privilege to design the Foodnation Android application. The opportunity to invest the funds which GeoVation awarded us inspired us to produce an accessible and elegant application that we hope will be well received by new and existing and future app users.

Rowan Wookey, our App Developer said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the new FREE Android app and updated iPhone app (coming soon). Android is free to download and offers easy access to producer details 24 hours a day.”

Key features of the new Android app include:

  • Free to download
  • Access via GPS, no login required
  • At a glance producer details and map view
  • Featured producers details now available
  • Share you favourite producer details with friend on Facebook and Twitter
  • ‘Report this location’ for users to help us edit or flag producer details 
  • 100’s of foods in season to choose from with multiple locations to purchase them

Which foods are in season when and matched sourcing details, is a unique feature which user feedback has shown to be one of the most used features of the application. Food sourcing data is available at your fingertips 24 hours a day. 

The iPhone app has being updated and will includes social sharing features too, producer details, map view and information on the foods in season and where to buy them. The new faster Android and iPhone applications will be even faster to use enabling people to get the most up to date producer information across the UK. What are you waiting for? Download today.
Louise  Campbell, Foodnation.

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