1st November 2012

Free OS OpenData Masterclasses – new dates announced!

Luke Hampson

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be running a series of free OS OpenData masterclasses in November. With our first stop being Aberdeen on Wednesday 14 November, a further four classes will be delivered at locations across Great Britain.

The classes are open to anyone interested in learning more about open data. So if you’re a developer, a member of a community group, a social entrepreneur or just simply curious about open data and what’s possible – why not come along for a day of tutorials, practical exercises and discussions?

The aim of each class is to provide a greater understanding about both the history and theory of open data as well as giving you dedicated time to use some of the tools and techniques needed to make use of the information. We’ll be teaching you how to use geographic datasets available from us, through both OS OpenData and OS OpenSpace, alongside other government department and public-sector organisation open datasets, all of which are freely available to order via websites such as data.gov.uk.

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From learning about theoretical aspects such as data collection and processing, through to completing exercises that cover off practical aspects, including data analysis and map visualisation, the sessions should appeal to anyone interested in using open data. Not only will we be discovering how to order and manipulate open data, we’ll also be showing people how to use OS OpenSpace, our free web mapping service that allows users to display up-to-date Ordnance Survey mapping in a web page or online environment. This exercise will teach classmates how and where to access code examples; how to use Web-map builder – a tool that we’ve designed to make embedding a map in your website easier; as well demonstrating an interactive way in which you can experiment with your own code in our Code Playground.
So, if open data is a new concept to you and you want to learn more about what can be achieved or if you currently study, work or simply have an interest in learning more about how geographic information can be used to create products, services and solutions, the classes are sure to not disappoint.

Click on a link below to register and to obtain your ticket.

14 November – Aberdeen
15 November – Edinburgh
20 November – London
26 November – Cardiff
30 November – Nottingham

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Each class is kindly supported by Horizon Digital Economy Research and will run from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, with lunch and refreshments provided. Whilst some familiarity with web browsing and Microsoft Excel is assumed, the classes will cater for a wide spectrum of participants, all of whom may possess various levels of IT experience.

Sound interesting? We look forward to seeing you there!

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