22nd May 2018

GeoTech Masterclasses: GeoData Visualisation


Learn how to design your own map at a Geovation Masterclass

Geovation is holding a series of hands-on introductory workshops to teach you the principles of visualising with geographic data. As all tickets were snapped up for both our London HQ and Edinburgh sessions, we’ve decided to run four more events around the country over the next few weeks, completely FREE. 


Firstly, let’s quickly recap on Geovation. In partnership with HMLR, Geovation is Ordnance Survey’s award-winning open innovation initiative. The scheme is well-established (almost a decade and counting!) and actively champions innovation in both the GeoTech and PropTech fields, resulting in location and property data start-ups receiving funding, business support and strategic backing.

Joining Geovation as a member unlocks a host of community benefits such as free desk space, access to an active online community forum and the potential to learn and apply for funding through the Geovation Programme. The Geovation Programme welcomes two cohorts of start-ups every year and offers a unique and attractive blend of the aforementioned support. Each start-up receives £20k in funding along with a range of resources and services to help nurture and develop their businesses. The initiative is mainly, though not exclusively, geared for those entering the geolocation market-place for the first time.


The Masterclasses

Each lasting two hours, these hands-on sessions will provide both a theoretical and practical introduction to the art of visualising with geo data. As well as providing an overview of our GeoDataViz team and the important role they play within OS, you will be introduced to the GeoDataViz toolkit. This is a set of assets and resources that can help with communicating data effectively through the design of compelling and informative visuals. It’ll then move on to the practical side of the workshop where different thematic mapping techniques will be explored.

From beginner to more technically advanced, our sessions cater for all levels. The workshop materials are all openly available online and, as open source software is used, delegates will be able to work on the materials in their own time after the event too. A member of the Geovation team will also be available to answer any questions you may have about the funding and support opportunities open to you through Geovation.

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