19th March 2020

Geovation and Guardian Masterclass

Claire Corlett

The Guardian Media Group is well known for having a focus on coverage of environmental issues through it’s reporting so it seemed like a natural fit to collaborate with them. The result was a sellout Guardian Masterclass.

The Masterclass

Geovation and OS colleauges worked together to develop a 3 hour workshop called “Storytelling with maps: Master the art of cartography and geo data visualisation”. Aimed at anyone, regardless of skill level, the content took attendees through OS’s history of the UK’s national mapping agency, the good, bad and ugly of maps, and how maps can be used to tell stories and visualise data.

Participants had the opportunity to get hands on using their new found knowledge to critique maps before being asked to become data journalists reporting on the York floods of 2015.  They were presented with stats, maps, images, copy related to the event and were tasked with designing their own  map to convey a story through geography.

More Masterclasses?

Following the success of delivering this workshop to a sold out Guardian audience, we hope to develop more masterclasses across a range of topics in 2020.

If you would like to explore hosting the workshop for your team our business, we’d love to hear from you.  Get in touch with partnership manager Luke Hampson to see how we could make it happen.