10th February 2015

GeoVation Camp – developing ideas to help house Britain better


We recently announced the successful finalists in our GeoVation Challenge to enable people in Britain to live in better places.  We asked for innovative ideas to help people tackle the housing problems of affordability, availability, access, infrastructure and assets while using Ordnance Survey, and Land Registry data,  technology and good design.

The finalists from the GeoVation Challenge had a real spread of ideas and participated in an intense weekend of innovation at GeoVation Camp. The GeoVators focussed on the ‘no nonsense’ formula that Innovation = Problem x Solution x Execution to develop their ideas with help from service designers, business model expertise, as well as advice with using data.  They practiced their presentations so they were ‘match fit to pitch’ to the judging panel by the end of the weekend.

Watch the video below to find out more about what happened at GeoVation Camp and why the successful ideas were chosen.

The teams commented on how well their ideas progressed and how the weekend gave them the tools needed to create sustainable products and services going forward.

At the end of the weekend successful finalists were selected to receive funding to develop their ideas to help people get active. The judging panel meet again on 18 February 2015 to confirm the level of funding they each will recieve.