6th October 2017

Help make our Communities and Cities Greener and Smarter


Do you long to make the world a better place? To make a difference to society, the environment and the economy? Get on board with our Greener, Smarter communities and Cities Challenge and use location information together with technology to tackle big issues, locally. 

Each Challenge we run focuses on a new issue, from water scarcity and food security to transport and energy poverty. The formula we use every time? ‘Innovation = problem x solution x execution.’

For this Challenge, the four areas that we’ll be focussing on in making our Communities and Cities Greener and Smarter are:

Improving health and wellbeing

Supporting the local economy

Enabling sustainable living

Enhancing our natural environment


Who’s it for? 

If you’re a UK start-up and want to help solve pressing issues using location information; the Challenge could be perfect for you. You might be an innovator with a passion for addressing real problems; a developer wanting to make a difference with your coding skills, or an entrepreneur looking to build a new venture. We’re interested in how your ideas can be scalable and applied across Britain – or maybe even globally.


Apply by submitting an idea

Applications for the 2017 Challenge are now open. Winners of the Challenge will get an all-expenses-paid place at our 3-day Geovation Camp and Conference in London in February 2018. This camp will equip you with the tools to build a sustainable business model and create a pitch to maximise your chance of success. There will be the opportunity to pitch for funding or a place on the Geovation Programme, the perfect funded accelerator to get your Geo and Property tech business off the ground.

The Geovation Challenge is now closed for entry. Attend ‘Geovation 2018’ at the Royal Geographic Society on Fri 16 Feb 2018 to watch our professional judging panel judge our shortlisted ideas and share a funding of up to £185,000. Watch this space for more information.