2nd November 2017

Geovation Camp & Conference 2018


Are you sitting on an idea that could make our communities and cities more future-proof?  Would you like to create a real business and connect with the people to make this happen? We’re offering you an amazing opportunity to make this a reality through our latest Geovation Challenge focussing on Greener Smarter Communities.  Winners will be offered an all-expenses-paid place at a 3-day mini startup accelerator and conference, worth up to £8K per team, which will equip you will all you need to begin this journey.

At the Geovation Camp and Conference, you will get the chance to test your idea in the ideal environment for it to flourish and grow. You’ll connect with smart, passionate people and be exposed to the right tools and approaches to take the leap towards creating your company. During the intensive 2-day Camp, we will help you take your idea to new heights through the dizzying roller coaster experience. You’ll get to feel what its really like to be a start-up, testing your idea with mentors, business advisors and designers – and getting the benefit of their expertise to help you get your idea off the ground.

At the Conference on Day 3, you will be ready to pitch your idea to investors, funders, sponsors, policy-makers and community leaders – the very people who can work with you to make this happen. The sponsors of this challenge, Innovate UK and the Northumbrian Water Group will be on hand to support you throughout the 3 days.

 “Being part of Ordnance Survey, which has a rich history of collecting data, and producing really useful material with that data, there is clearly a rich resource [here] that people can use for innovation. Combined with what Geovation does, which is accelerating innovation, I think [the Geovation Challenge] is a powerful offer.” – Niraj Saraf, Urban Innovation Lead, Innovate UK

“I think the Geovation Challenge is a great opportunity to do the toughest part of innovation, in converting an idea into a reality. It’s going to have a really supportive process around it, which will help develop [your] idea and help incubate it. It’s a really great environment to get involved in.” – Clive Surman-Wells, Operations Solutions Manager, Northumbrian Water

At Geovation we firmly believe that by solving a worthwhile problem you’ll have the best advantage to succeed. Through funding or a place on Ordnance Survey’s start-up accelerator, the Geovation Programme, we support you every step of the journey, to learn essential skills and gain experience, until you’re ready to spread your wings as a fully-fledged start-up. Don’t miss out on this fabulous experience – enter the Geovation Challenge today!

To enter visit: https://geovation.uk/challenge/

The Challenge closes for applications on 29 Nov 2017 and is open to UK-based organisations or residents, aged 18 or over. The Geovation Camp and Conference takes place in London from 14-16 February 2018.