7th October 2009

GeoVation Charter Published


On a (wet) Summer’s day, on 21 July we held a briefing event on GeoVation at the Royal Society of Arts, London. We were joined by colleagues engaged in, or using geography, from a wide spectrum including: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Transport for London, Central government, university business incubators, the Geography Association, community initiatives, social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, local government, health care, and service designers.

We discussed the GeoVation Mission and why Ordnance Survey was funding and supporting the GeoVation initiative. We also discussed how we saw the GeoVation Challenge Community working as a collaborative community, building on each others ideas and developing ventures for economic and social benefit using all geography. And we asked for your help, thoughts and feedback.

Lively discussions over drinks and bites continued well into the night and the feedback we received was tremendously helpful and constructive. During the evening nearly 50 ideas and comments were posted including 10 or more suggestions on how GeoVation could be developed. One of these recommended publishing a charter which made clear GeoVation’s mission, aims and activities and GeoVation’s relationship to Ordnance Survey. With your help that charter is now published at: https://www.geovation.org.uk/charter/

We hope the charter makes it clear what GeoVation is trying to do:

To encourage and support innovation for social, economic and environmental benefit through the use of geography

We also hope that the charter makes it clear that GeoVation is: “open to all for the benefit of all using all geography”, not just Ordnance Survey products and services. Finally we hope that the charter makes clear that “sponsorship of GeoVation does not entitle the Sponsor (including Ordnance Survey) to any special rights or privileges in relation to the innovations of GeoVation’s members.

Have a read of the developing charter; let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you at:
champions [at] geovation.org.uk