21st October 2019

Geovation set to support Innovate4Manchester


We’re working with Manchester City Council (MCC) and partners to deliver Innovate4Manchester – an open, collaborative and free-to-attend event that aims to help Manchester make a positive contribution towards its ambitions for Zero Carbon by 2038 target.

But what is the event specifically focused on; and what is it aiming to achieve? Where and when is it taking place; and why would you be interested in participating?

Manchester is one of three European cities that has been selected as a future cities test-bed as part of the EC Horizon 2020 funded Triangulum project. Triangulum aims to demonstrate, disseminate and replicate solutions and frameworks for Europe’s future smart cites, with a focus on sustainable mobility, energy and ICT. MCC is one of the project partners, alongside Siemens, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Pixel Mill Digital.

One strand of MCC’s activity is an engagement event that aims to work with citizens, businesses and those associated with the challenges Manchester faces with energy and mobility – and this is what Innovate4Manchester is focused on.

The event will involve problem exploration sessions with teams forming and collaborating to work towards building what potential solutions could look like, culminating in the teams ‘pitching’ their ideas in a constructive session where winners will be selected by a judging panel. There are cash prizes available for winning teams and ongoing support to help them launch and grow the venture.

Innovate4Manchester will consider challenges such as:

The Bright Building at the heart of Manchester Science Park is where the event will take place, with Ordnance Survey and Geovation teaming up with MCC and Triangulum partners to help facilitate the event.

When? We’ll be kicking-off on the evening of Tuesday 26 November, from 6pm and then re-gathering for a whole day on the 27 November.

Why attend? Do you have any experience of the challenges mentioned above? Are you passionate about working collaboratively to try and address some of these challenges? Do you have valuable knowledge or expertise that you can add to the mix – such as service design; developer/tech skills etc.?

All are welcome, so whether you’re a resident of Manchester affected by the challenges or someone who has experience and/or responsibility for addressing them, your input is needed.

Successful participants will be eligible to win a £500 cash prize and will also be invited back for a one-day workshop on the 4 December 2019 with the Geovation team, problem owners at MCC and other bodies, to develop and refine their solutions further.


So, if you want to make a positive contribution to help Manchester try and achieve it’s Zero Carbon targets by 2038, this is the event for you!


Find out more and register via MCC’s Eventbrite page.