8th April 2020

Geovation Partner Hubs – how you can benefit


We wanted to remind you all about Geovation’s network of partner Hubs that are located around GB, so here’s a blog thatll do just that!  

We’ll cover how you can benefit from connecting with our partner Hubs as part of your membership with Geovation, as well as telling you who they are, where theyre based and how you can get involved.  

So what’s the offer? Broadly speaking, as a Geovation member, you can access the following benefits at our partner Hubs – including:  

So, who and where are the partner Hubs and how can you benefit? 


The Engine Shed, on the doorstep of Bristol’s Temple Mead train station, was our inaugural partner Hub 

Housed on three floors of Brunel’s original station, Engine Shed has several components that together create an exciting Hub of activity where entrepreneurs, academics, students, and corporates can collaborate, inspire, and enable one another. Geovation have a great relationship with the team at the Engine Shed and their 80+ network of partners

Some of our members, including Qflow AtmoLoop and more have already benefited from the free access to the Business Lounge (hotdesking area) at Engine Shed. We can also link you into the team and businesses based at SET Squared Bristol as they’re based in the same building.  

Geovation share common brand values with Engine Shed – as they run projects to ensure their local economy is inclusive, sustainable, and growing.  



The team that run the Tech Incubator, which is based within Manchester Technology Centre on Oxford Road (in the city centre) will also be happy to host and support any Geovation member.

Manchester is a key Hub in the North and is home to one of the fastest growing digital technology centres in Europe.

As part of our agreement with the Tech Incubator, we’ll be able to link you in with their specialist business growth services, including access to funding and finance, talent and mentorship, R&D resources, product development, and specialist professional services. They also have an extensive network of partners who may be able to support you on your ventures.



Our partner in the midlands is called Innovation Birmingham, who have incubated over 170 start-up companies to date and have a growing community of over 1000 digital and tech companies. Access to their network or partners, customers and companies they support, as well as free desk space are once again on offer here…

…and then there’s access to their burgeoning event schedule. The team in Birmingham run over 200 events every year and you can access these also – providing you with opportunities to connect, learn and grow.

Geovation have held a number of collaborative events with them – including a “takeover” of their popular monthly Tech Wednesday event – which most recently featured Geovation start-ups: Ravi Tulsiani from Property-Markets; Guy Barkley & Paddy Thomas from Atmo; Hugh Farquhar from Watchkeeper and Martin Warne from Folarity. You can check this video to get a flavour of the event!


As we all know, networking and learning in the start-up game is one of the key ingredients to success – whether it be from a chance meeting with a potential investor or collaborator, attending an event where new knowledge/skills are picked up, or potentially connecting with an organisation that could become a key customer for you, meeting new people is key. For that reason alone, the links we can provide you through the above partners could be of significant benefit to you.

So how you can you access – and get introductions to the Geovation partner Hubs?

Contact Luke Hampson, Geovation Partnership and Outreach Manager, who’ll be happy to assist:

Email: Luke.hampson@geovation.uk

Tel: 07867 640379

Twitter: https://twitter.com/luke733

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-hampson/