31st January 2019

Geovation supports ‘High Street Heroes’ OFFiGO to return shoppers to the high street


Following a successful pilot in the north west of England, where 1.4 million pages of local high street offers and events were viewed, a national version OFFiGO has now gone live. Twelve months on after winning the support of Geovation with an idea in our Greener, Smarter Communities Challenge, the new digital platform seeks to increase spend and footfall in the retail and hospitality sector by bringing the ‘high street’ online and enabling customers to find local deals.

OFFiGO is the brainchild of Dave Preston, a former newspaper advertising manager and bar & restaurant owner. He says: “The customer is online every day and the high street, as a collective, is nowhere to be seen. By bringing the high street together with digital innovation, businesses such as shops, bars and restaurants can promote their offers and events locally through OFFiGO and increase their online visibility. In our trial last year, OFFiGO outperformed major online advertisers, with its click through rate being 3.9% compared to Google’s 3.1% and Facebook’s 0.9%.”

Dave Preston, CEO and Founder of OFFiGO.

OFFiGO gives customers the chance to become ‘high street heroes’ and receive exclusive discounts for creating profile pages of their favourite local businesses, while OFFiGO will give these businesses free advertising worth £25.

Dave says: “OFFiGO makes it easy for businesses to share daily “promotional” messages, exclusive offers, upcoming events, new menus, new products or entertainment. This approach allows customers to see what is available each day in their local area.”

By bringing the marketing strength of all the brands together online, per location, combined with the uniqueness of the independents on each high street there is the potential for high streets to collectively form a powerful alliance. Customers will be able to find information in one place with the option of them also visiting the shop’s website and ordering online if they haven’t the time to go into the store.

Screenshot of OFFiGo.

Since launching its test site in September 2017, OFFiGO has won funding and support from Ordnance Survey’s Geovation, and recently was given access to $120,000 in support funding by tech giants IBM to help with the development of the national platform.

Chris Parker of Ordnance Survey’s Geovation, says: “Your local community is something you cannot buy online, and your high street is a big part of it being a successful one. OFFiGO is an innovative digital solution to help high streets, their customers and their communities.”


OFFiGO testimonials


OFFiGO promoted our Christmas show and when they showed us over 956 people had clicked through to the advert, I thought wow that would of cost us nearly two thousand pound on Facebook advertising. Thank you OFFiGO.

– Julie Holland, Viva Blackpool


As an owner of several businesses and the organiser of the carnival, I’m always looking for the best ways to promote them. With more people using their phones to find local, hotels, cafes, and attractions, I found OFFIGO. I’ve tried various avenues of promotion; but when Dave showed me 1150 people had visited the OFFiGO carnival page I was over the moon. I strongly recommend other businesses to use OFFIGO!!

– Geoff Moore, Blackpool Carnival


To get involved with bringing your high street together online visit OFFiGo.