17th September 2012

GeoVation winner Foodnation launch new website .


Foodnation, who are one of our 2011 GeoVation ‘How can Britain feed itself?’ winners, have just launched their *Brand New* location based website  and app  The website can help you to discover where to source local food from suppliers in your area.

Image of the Foodnation website

Farmers and producers can use Foodnation platform to reach new recurring customer leads in no time.  Louise Campbell from Foodnation says:   Are you hiding in your polytunnel, lamenting about the worst summer weather for growing produce EVER? Are you wondering how you will survive? Fear not. Foodnation is here and guaranteed to drive new business to your farm gates.

You can also sign up for the Hoop House News and keep up to date with the latest news on healthy food and local producers.  The Hoop House news is Foodnation’s  fortnightly newsletter which is sent to thousands of food industry specific subscribers in the UK every fortnight. If you have news, they are especially keen to hear from community supported agriculture groups, farmers, event organisers and cooks:  Email Louise at louise@food-nation.co.uk