10th May 2012

Our first GeoVation winner maps the way…


THE world might be getting smaller, but according to a recent news story one in 10 children cannot find the UK on a map

Thanks to our GeoVation winner, MaxiMap pupils are being given the chance to brush up on their geographical skills with their enormous floor-sized maps which can be used as a teaching tool to expand pupils’ knowledge of the world.

Ann Jones of MaxiMap said “I was head of history at Cefn Hengoed and there was a lack of knowledge among the pupils, they didn’t know where the countries were. I spoke to teachers in other disciplines, in things like geography and English and they found the same. People would say to pupils ‘somewhere to the north of Scotland’ and they wouldn’t know where it was.”
So Ann commissioned a giant floor map of the British Isles and took it into the classroom to highlight cities where civil disturbances took place in the 19th century for her Year 10 GCSE pupils. Ann then joined forces with Llanelli printing company Heritage Screen Print and set up MaxiMap, a partnership which has seen the business go from strength to strength. In 2010, MaxiMap won the GeoVation Challenge .

Children using Maximap
Current new teaching aids include a periodic table and a political map of the world too. Around 200 of the giant floor maps have been sold to schools and companies, including 50 to CAA Publishing in Aberystwyth, who purchased them with a grant from the Welsh Government and provided them to schools across Wales. The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust recently ordered nine of the maps to be used in their educational programmes, and Ramblers Wales have purchased a map for events relating to the opening of the Wales Coastal Path.