22nd April 2022

Geovation’s Contribution to Earth Day Today and Every Day

Millie Smith

What is Earth Day?


First recognised in 1970, Earth Day is a Global Day of Action to raise awareness for the environmental issues on our planet. For the last 50+ years, it’s been a day where billions of people come together to fight for our planet.

This year, Earth Day’s theme of ‘invest in our planet’ strongly resonates with us at Geovation. As we believe entrepreneurs have the power to make the world a better place, and we’re here to help them achieve that.


Our Contribution

We run market-leading Accelerator Programmes in Geotech and Proptech connecting industry problems to start-up solutions, so that together we can have a positive impact on people, planet and profit.  NOCO Energy were on our Programme, they aim to accelerate the transition to Net-Zero by owning the early-stage development process of decentralised renewable energy projects. 

Our innovation challenges aim to connect industry problems to start-up solutions. We have previously run 12 positive impact challenges that have had over 813 ideas submitted, 114 teams participate in bootcamps, and £881,000 awarded in funding. Previous winners such as Refill (from our Water Challenge), Kids Against Plastic, and Planet Patrol (Greener, Smarter Communities Challenge) which are all recognised nationally for their work.

Our most recent challenge saw us partner with UKHO to find innovative solutions for Diffuse Coastal Pollution. Our finalists pitched their ideas to a panel of expert judges at the Geovation Hub in London. GlobalTrust and SatSense Solutions were named joint winners. Find out more about our Diffuse Coastal Pollution Challenge here.

Diffuse Coastal Pollution Ocean


Half the Geovation team recently spent a day picking up litter at Lepe Country Park. Apart from the odd glass bottle and can, nearly all the items were some form of plastic: bags, sheeting, rope, plastic bottles and tops, buckets, cotton bud sticks, nappies, sweet wrappers and even a toy dinosaur! It was good to make a small dent in the scourge of single-use and discarded plastic which is causing havoc in our terrestrial and marine environments, both locally and globally. 

Beach clean team

How can you Get Involved with Geovation?

Geovation is currently in the process of launching new Challenges, a Coastal Erosion Challenge and Plastic Pollution Challenge. We’re currently seeking partners and sponsors for these challenges.


Coastal Erosion Challenge

Coastal Erosion is the most obvious effect of climate change. It is a highly localised, episodic, and complex process caused by both rising sea-levels and glacio-isostatic changes. A large portion of the UK is already suffering from erosion: of the 3700km of coastline along England and Wales, 28% is experiencing erosion greater than 10cm per year.

Register your interest in the Coastal Erosion Challenge.


Plastic Coastal Pollution Challenge

In 2020 alone in the UK it was estimated that around 425 littered items of plastic were found on every 100m of beach, with 75% of that litter being made of plastic or polystyrene. Ultimately, plastic pollution is now acknowledged as a hazard to public health and the human body. As around a staggering 1 million people die each year because of mismanaged waste including plastics. Register your interest in the Plastic Pollution Challenge here.