19th December 2014

Happy GeoVating and Happy New Year


As we’re nearing the end of the year (and, fortunately, the solstice!), we bring you a blog on what the team has been working on recently. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and to thank you for all your support. We look forward to next year’s events and challenges, and to further supporting our existing winners.

Happy Christmas from GeoVation


In the last month or so Viv’s been busy promoting the GeoVation Housing Challenge to help generate some really good ideas.  As well as this she’s continuing to work with the winners of previous GeoVation Challenges like the Business Environment GeoVation Challenge and Active Lifestyles GeoVation Challenge. This year we launched the GeoVation Alumni network and have run two successful events for former GeoVation winners with workshops to help them in developing their projects and business models. At the beginning of November we also celebrated five years of running GeoVation Challenges

Alongside this, Viv has been training to be a sports & remedial massage therapist and leading an Ordnance Survey Run England group, which has been getting some high accolades. She also organised a visit from Mara Yamauchi to Ordnance Survey early in November, which was open to staff and members of the local running community.



It’s been another exciting year for the GeoVation team. Four excellent winners emerged from our Active Lifestyles challenge GeoVation camp in March. We have designed, planned and launched our first challenge with Land Registry on “How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?”; and we are looking forward to welcoming our 10 finalists to GeoVation Camp in January.

We ran our first GeoVation challenge specific Open Data master classes with Land Registry in October. Back at Ordnance Survey HQ, we are running our first internal GeoVation challenge across the organisation.

We have presented on GeoVation, open data and open innovation in Brussels, Valencia, and to a World Bank team at the Impact Hub Westminster. At the Malvern Festival of Innovation 600 schoolchildren interacted with Ordnance Survey’s open data in Minecraft and we hosted a session on open innovation with 100%Open. In November we gave a keynote at GIS Expo in Helsinki with Helen Steer Director, Explorer HQ, and Co-founder of GeoVation winner City Farmers. We are busy working with Business in the Community (BITC) and others to develop our next challenge.

We launched our first GeoVation Alumni network event with the Impact Hub Westminster in May and celebrated GeoVation’s 5th Birthday at our second Alumni event in November. My – how quickly GeoVation has grown! And it’s all thanks to you – the GeoVation community who come up with great problems to solve and great solutions to those problems. Happy GeoVating and Happy New Year!



Luke recently planned and delivered a successful series of OS OpenData Masterclasses which were attended by more than 150 delegates, over five dates throughout England and Wales. The classes aimed to teach current and aspiring developers how to download and use a selection of open datasets, which are to be used in any given successful GeoVation venture. We received some great feedback from those that attended – check this blog out if you haven’t already done so.

Luke continues to actively promote the OS OpenData portfolio through engagement and education activities, whilst recently taking a more active role with GeoVation activity as the initiative grows and evolves.

Outside of work, Luke’s been keeping himself busy too, launching his own startup venture that aims to bring an alternative and unique ‘PopUp’ cinema experience to the residents of Southampton… and who knows, eventually beyond?! Bring on 2015!



I joined the GeoVation team in November, working as Events & Community Coordinator. I’ve previously worked in a variety of roles, predominantly in the arts and for nonprofits, and have long been interested in innovation, community and sustainability. Through working with GeoVation, I’ve developed a greater interest in geomatics, cartography and technological developments.

Within the GeoVation team, I’ve been assisting with preparations for January’s Housing Challenge camp, updating our social media streams, researching information, and maintaining the GeoVation website.

Outside of work, I’ve been studying German and tap dance, returning to toymaking, and looking for new creative projects to explore.


Seasons Greetings from Ordnance Survey & GeoVation

Seasons Greetings from the GeoVation team & Ordnance Survey

We will be taking a break from blogging over Christmas but will be back on 2 January 2015.