7th September 2011

Have you got an idea for a new healthcare app or map?


No,  not a GeoVation Challenge this time, but I thought you may be interested in this.  Department of Health have launched a call for ideas for new health maps and apps that would help patients make informed decisions about their care.

They’re inviting everyone, including patients, doctors, nurses and other health professionals and app developers to submit innovative ideas of health apps and online maps they think would be useful.

As part of this drive for ideas, they are also asking people to come forward and name their favourite existing health applications.

At the end of September, a panel of judges will review the most popular apps, maps and ideas that are submitted on this site, and announce their favourites.


Have you got any ideas for apps and maps?  Take a look on maps and apps to find out more and suggest favourite apps, ideas for apps or health maps you would like to see, or vote for your favourite ideas submitted by others.

You could also take a look at our GeoVation data sources page which might give you some ideas on data for your app,  including using OS OpenSpace and OS OpenData