26th November 2020

Help us shape the future

Claire Corlett

Innovation lies at the heart of Geovation.

We work with startups who are creating products and services of the future.; we look at how existing products and services can be used in new ways to solve local, national, and global challenges; and we facilitate conversations that spark ideas, collaborations and new ways of doing things.

Innovation is in our DNA.

But. The world is changing, and the geospatial landscape is constantly evolving. Covid-19 has turned many established ways of working and thinking upside down and inside out again. Against this backdrop, we believe the time is right to look at the future of Geovation.

Here at Geovation, we want to remain at the centre of geospatial and proptech innovation. We want to be looking at the problems of tomorrow and helping solve them today. So, we’re turning the lens of innovation on ourselves – how can Geovation change, adapt and thrive in a world that’s changed since we were first created.

So, we’re looking to you – the people that make up our community – to tell us: what makes Geovation special. What do you think are the challenges facing society, and how can we facilitate the conversations, ideas and collaborations that will generate the solutions to these challenges?

We want to hear your thoughts about how we can evolve Geovation, so we have put together a short survey for your to tell us. What can we do more of? What should we do a bit less of? Are there new ways of working that we need to explore? How can we help you do bigger and better things?

We want to hear from voices across our community and beyond, so our survey will be shared far and wide to get as much insight into what the future could hold for Geovation. There are no wrong answers here, and the sky really is the limit!

Take the survey and help us create the Geovation of the future.