23rd May 2013

Digital Shoreditch festival 2013 – hear how we’re involved!

Luke Hampson

digital shoreditch logo

This week from Monday through to Sunday you’ll find us at the Digital Shoreditch festival, an event that attracts hundreds of speakers from the most innovative and successful companies and organisations across creative, technical, start-up tech and digital spaces and beyond. During the week, we’ll be exhibiting, speaking and promoting our digital products and services amongst some of Tech City’s most talented digital and technical creative individuals.

The festival has a different theme each day, comprising of panel sessions, key note speeches and discussions – kicking off with Monday’s “What Tech City” theme. During the day, festival goers collectively explored the many companies and organisations that make Tech City what it is, focusing on developing new ways to exploit the potential for growing global engagement and improving our digital economy and society.

Digital Shoreditch logo on london map

London and in particular East London is fast becoming a global focal point for new start-ups and forward thinking tech-based organisations. You may have heard a phrase that we often use at Ordnance Survey – “everything happens somewhere” – well, we’re keen to promote this message whilst raising further awareness amongst the tech community about the digital geographic datasets we produce and maintain during the day. One panel session in particular focuses on the role of government in technology and guest speaker, Mark O’Neill, Head of Innovation and Delivery at Government Digital Service contributed to a discussion that explored how government can continue to support the tech ecosystem.

Throughout the week, we will be showcasing our digital offering at the The Great Digital Exhibition which runs for the entire week. The exhibition has been descried as being “an interactive experience for your eyes, ears, and even your nose” and over 20 unique creations, including a digital geographic feast from us, will be on show to the general public.

Our involvement at the festival will be rounded off by contributing to the weekend’s hackathon that’s been dubbed “Make & Do”. Described as a two day creative outburst, Make & Do is all about putting digital skills to use to find solutions to real world challenges. Individuals, companies and organisations – including Ordnance Survey’s very own GeoVation programme – will be posing exciting and relevant questions or challenges and attempts will then be made to build solutions through speaker-led workshops and discussions.

The GeoVation team were able to identify the questions and challenges faced in Shoreditch by running a Pow Wow with 10 key members of the community to discover the theme “How do we build healthy communities in Shoreditch?”. From here, 72 ‘raw’ problems, with 23 sub-themes and a total of 47 insights have been identified and the full output from the Pow Wow session will be fed in to those attending Make & Do – with participants being encouraged to use OS OpenData and/or OS OpenSpace to build solutions.

All in all, it’s turning out to be a jam-packed, exciting week!

If you can’t make it along to see us at Digital Shoreditch this week, why not follow the conversation on twitter at #DS13 or to find out more about the festival follow @DigiShoreditch