Announcing our Awards shortlist


Our Geospatial Innovation Awards celebrate how geospatial innovation is shaping the world around us now and delivering sustainable development for the future.  

The entries have been collated and scored and our judges have been blown away by the sheer breadth of the geospatial industry represented by the entries. The entries we have received demonstrate how fundamental the application of geospatial innovation is to the development of the world around us. We’re pleased to announce the shortlisted entries to the awards as follows: 

Places for the future

This category showcases solutions that help build the cities and communities of tomorrow:

Land, sea and air

This category rewards development that helps preserve and protect the environment around us.

Resilience, resource quality, safety and protection of life  

For solutions that help people, communities and countries affected by conflict and natural disasters, and work towards a world where poverty is eradicated, no one goes hungry and everyone has access to clean water and sanitation.   

Individual contribution to open geospatial innovation 

Celebrating an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to open innovation for good through their use of geospatial data. 

Olive Powell, judge for the Individual Contribution Category said:

“It has been a delight to judge as the passion for advocating geospatial data shone through all nominations. I was genuinely impressed by the breadth of nominations both in terms of diversity and applications to real life problems. All deserve recognition”.   

And Cyhana Williams, judging the Places for the Future category commented:

“As I reviewed and assessed the innovative geospatial projects, I was filled with joy and optimism for the future. I was impressed to see how geo-data can transform various domains, from real estate to nightlife safety, with innovative and user-friendly solutions. I marvelled at the power of EO data and indoor mapping to enhance safety and efficiency. These projects show that geo-data is not only the new oil, but also the new gold that can enrich our lives and society. Kudos to all these organizations for building futuristic solutions for an SDG achieved future!”.  

We can’t wait to announce our winners at the Grand Final, held on 15th June, at 1 Moorgate Place, London.  Tickets to join us at the event for an evening of celebration, networking and showcasing all things geospatial are free. If you can’t join us in person, we will be live streaming the event. Details on how to book your ticket to join us can be found here.