Sectors We’re Seeking GeoTech Start-ups From


What are we looking for in GeoTech applicants?

This year we’re looking for start-ups in the following sectors: Energy, Environment, Sustainability, Transport, Telecommunications, Health and Well-being, and Resilience and Protection of life.

Does my start-up fit in these sectors?

If you’re not sure what these areas include and whether your start-up fits, we’ve got you! To give you an idea of the start-ups we’re seeking, we’ve provided an overview of each sector and examples of start-ups we’ve previously supported in those areas below.


Seeking start-ups developing technologies for energy-efficient solutions, energy optimisation and sustainable energy development. Examples of current cohort start-ups in this sector are:

  • Advanced Infrastructure – link energy and geospatial data to create powerful tools for low carbon infrastructure developers.
  • Paua – Makes public electric vehicle charging simple with a mobile app enabling drivers to find, charge and pay for charging with one aggregated bill for the fleet manager.

Environment and Sustainability

Refers to products and services that support more sustainable societies and environmentally conscious industrial development. Examples of our start-ups in these areas are:

  • Folarity – Develop tools to help monitor and manage ecosystems. Helping to engage both the public and industry to make sure the right interventions happen in the right place.


Seeking start-ups in the transport sector revolutionising the way people think about transportation and are advancing the transportation and mobility industries. Our start-ups currently doing this include:

  • Honeycomb Network – Aiming to create a shift from cars to e-micromobility by establishing the safest, smartest and most convenient charging and storage network across cities.
  • Electro explorer – On a mission to help tackle the climate crisis by promoting low carbon electric travel and nature-based tourism.

Health and Wellbeing

This area encompasses mental and physical health and well-being. See examples of our start-ups in these areas below:

  • GoJauntly – A free community-based walking app that invites you into a world of outdoor adventure. Helping you to find local walks created by the people who know and love them.
  • Walks & Waterfalls – A growing community of waterfalls, wild swimming and outdoor enthusiasts, exploring Scotland in a brand new way.

Resilience and Protection of Life

These areas include start-ups that have an element of emergency, safety, and incident prevention. Our start-ups in this area include:

  • Arch Angel – Making autonomous machines smarter, more resilient, and easier to work with teammates.
  • Watchkeeper – Advanced risk management platform to visualise, track and protect critical operations. They were recently acquired by Dataminr.

Still not sure if you’re eligible to apply to the GeoTech track?

If you’re a start-up using geospatial data but do not fit into any of these categories, we’d still love to receive your application as we are not merely choosing start-ups from these sectors.

Applications are open to early-stage pre-seed startups, UK registered or eligible to be. You could be a solo-founder startup with either a small or larger, more established team. Our previous Programme participants include developers, students/graduates, entrepreneurs, innovators, and beyond.

Geovation Accelerator Programme

Our Programme offers 12 months of bespoke support tailored to help founders grow their start-up in the geospatial or property industry. Start-ups receive the equivalent of over £100,000 in perks during the Programme and up to £20,000 equity-free grant funding.

Find out more on our Accelerator Programme page here, or apply for the GeoTrack track now.