Geovation Startups and DLUHC Objectives: A Perfect Match


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Imagine a world where innovative startups are not only revolutionising technology but also actively contributing to a brighter future for communities across the UK.

Welcome to the world of Geovation, where startups supported by Her Majesty’s Land Registry (HMLR) are making remarkable strides, perfectly aligning with the objectives of the Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities (DLUHC). 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how these startups are turning their tech prowess into meaningful action, hand in hand with DLUHC’s vision. 

The Future Fox: Empowering Communities  

The Future Fox is a prime example of how Geovation startups are bridging the gap between innovation and community empowerment. Their digital community engagement platform, PlaceBuilder, is at the forefront of inclusive and sustainable development. It actively involves citizens in the planning process, aligning seamlessly with DLUHC’s objective of empowering local communities.

By prioritising smart and people-focused solutions, The Future Fox gives citizens the tools they need to actively participate in planning decisions, thereby fostering community empowerment and spreading opportunities. Moreover, by turning community contributions into powerful insights, The Future Fox enhances transparency in planning processes, a vital element in DLUHC’s commitment to open, accountable, and community-centric decision-making. 

ZeroDown Lease: A Fairer Leasehold System 

ZeroDown Lease is another Geovation startup that’s on a mission to align with DLUHC objectives. They’re challenging the leasehold system to promote transparency, accessibility, and fairness, directly resonating with DLUHC’s goal of reducing disparities and promoting fairness in property-related transactions.

What’s more, ZeroDown Lease empowers leaseholders by providing free personalised advice reports, fixed-price lease extension services, and forthcoming financing solutions. This significant step contributes to DLUHC’s policy of improving outcomes in the leasehold sector, ensuring that more individuals have access to fair and transparent property transactions. 

Hesti: Smart Solutions for Sustainable Homes 

Hesti are one of the current 2023 Geovation Accelerator Programme startups who are also playing their part in advancing DLUHC objectives. By using software to produce feasibility assessments for building sites with offsite construction solutions that are faster, cheaper, greener, and smarter, Hesti directly supports DLUHC’s objective of delivering housing and planning policies that increase the supply and quality of homes.

Additionally, their focus on sustainable and innovative building practices aligns perfectly with DLUHC’s promotion of a greener, more sustainable future. Moreover, Hesti’s approach aligns with DLUHC’s strategy of learning from recent events, such as the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. By offering smarter construction solutions, Hesti contributes to better managing future uncertainties and improving performance and resilience in the housing sector.  

Conveyo: Streamlining Property Transactions 

Conveyo are yet another Geovation startup on the 2023 programme, who are making significant strides while keeping DLUHC objectives at the forefront. By ensuring building safety and efficiency in property transactions, Conveyo directly supports DLUHC’s objective of ensuring building safety through regulatory reforms and improved fire safety.

Moreover, Conveyo’s streamlined approach aligns seamlessly with DLUHC’s strategy of taking a systems approach. They simplify the property transaction process, making it more efficient and effective for everyone involved. This approach also encourages researchers to explore the cumulative impacts and synergies within the property sector, furthering DLUHC’s commitment to comprehensive and impactful change.  

As Milan Bogunovic, DLUHC’s Digital Planning Programme Director, aptly puts it:

“Geovation’s commitment to supporting startups who are looking to address pressing housing and planning challenges is of vital importance in helping to deliver DLUHC ambitions.”  

In summary, each Geovation startup mentioned here is not just about tech innovation; they’re active agents of change, working tirelessly to drive positive transformations in the property and geospatial tech sectors. What makes their efforts even more remarkable is their alignment with DLUHC’s vision for a levelled-up, prosperous, and inclusive UK.  

As they continue to innovate and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields, we can only anticipate a brighter future for communities across the nation. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Geovation as we continue to support startups that make a real difference and strive to redefine the landscape of technology and community development. 

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Aidan Watts
Geovation Graduate