Is the Geovation Scotland accelerator programme a match for your startup?

Jess Sibley presenting at the Showcase


We are currently recruiting for our spring 2024 accelerator programme, think this might be an opportunity for you? 

If you are not sure and would like to find out more, Jess Sibley, Geovation Scotland Delivery Lead, is taking us through the essential components we look for in a startup, let’s see if that’s you! 

Is the Geovation Scotland accelerator programme a match for your startup? 

We are looking for companies developing innovative solutions to real world problems in the land, property and location sectors.  

We use language like “PropTech” and “GeoTech” and you might think, do I fit in to either of those categories? Am I the right fit for this accelerator programme?  

In this blog we will be helping you understand if your company is right for our programme. 

What types of companies do Geovation Scotland support? 


Startups who are innovating in the property sector – companies who have identified a problem within their given area and are developing an innovative solution to this problem. Companies will be offered support from Registers of Scotland (RoS), through supported access to data and sector-leading insights and expertise (startups will also have access to support provided by Ordnance Survey (OS)). 


Startups using geospatial or location-based data to create innovative solutions. Companies will receive support from Ordnance Survey, who will provide unrivalled geospatial expertise and support to startups on their journey. 

What can I expect from the accelerator programme? 

Our programme offers up to 8 places for the selected companies to join our 6th cohort – the accelerator programme is bespoke to each company on the cohort and the support is tailored based on the type of data you’re using to build your business and specific development needs.  

You will receive up to £15,000 of equity-free programme funding, broken down into 4 instalments over 12 months.  

You will receive supported data access to a range of open and proprietary datasets from Ordnance Survey (OS) and Registers of Scotland (RoS).

Geovation Scotland provide a coach for founders on the programme. They are available to discuss any aspect of the founder experience whether that be personal, or business-development based. 

Dedicated support from industry leaders, technical support, corporate partners, alumni network and Geovation’s 1900 strong community – tailored to your specific needs.  

Our schedule of workshops will be tailored to the specific needs of each cohort. We cover various topics including, marketing, fundraising, sales, finance, pricing and IP – designed to support every aspect of starting and growing a business. 

The showcase takes place at month 9 of the accelerator programme. It celebrates the success of our startups but also provides an opportunity to showcase company development and traction to a curated audience.

We provide you with 12 months of funded desk space,at our Geovation Scotland HQ (Meadowbank House in Edinburgh). 

We provide opportunities to present your business at industry events throughout the programme.  

We offer promotional support activity in the form of blogs, social posts, podcasts and various other opportunities. 

What are we looking for?

We have a set criteria we use to recruit companies for the accelerator programme:

  • Does the idea use land, property or location data? 
  • Is the problem well defined and relevant for someone? 
  • Is the solution clear, feasible and does it address the problem? 
  • Is the business model sustainable? 
  • How innovative is the idea? 

We only take on companies to our accelerator who meet the following essential components: 

  • Company must be registered/incorporated  
  • Based in Scotland and/or planning to launch in Scotland 
  • Raised/generated no more than £300k of funding or revenue 
  • Have a (basic) website and social presence  
  • Are able to commit to the set in-person days (you will find these in the application) 

How do I apply? 

We open for applications once per year, our application process has two stages:

1.You will be asked to complete a short application form, providing details about your startup proposition, outlining the problem you are/intend to solve and reasons for wanting to join our programme.  

2.If your application is successful, we will invite you to an interview with the Geovation team, who will look to delve deeper into your business and suitability for the programme.

We will then make a final selection of startups from the interviews to invite to join the programme. 

Think this might be an opportunity for you? 

Please submit an application here.

Applications close at 23:59 on Monday 6 May.