Meet The Founder | Unbaggaged

By Geovation Scotland


Late check-ins and early check-outs of holiday or rental accommodation can create havoc on your first / last day of holidays, especially if you have big heavy bags. Unbaggaged are here to take away the stress and (literally) weight in these situations. Unbaggaged provide a safe, personalised storage solution to pick up your luggage and take it to where it needs to be.   

We spoke with the Unbaggaged team about their journey so far and what they aim to achieve through the Geovation Scotland accelerator programme.  

Tell us a little bit about the team? 

Janani Prabhakaran – Founder of Unbaggaged, started off this company after struggling to find a place to store luggage in London. Graduated first class in Entrepreneurship from Strathclyde University, returning winner of Scottish Edge, top 100 woman in Tourism. Great at public speaking and problem solving.  

Enrique Khoo – Joined Unbaggaged as an intern, wears multiple hats in Unbaggaged. Graduated in entrepreneurship and innovation from University of Edinburgh. Handles business development and operations.  

Alex Macdougall, Marketing Executive – produces creative and visual content for Unbaggaged. Alex handles all our social media, marketing campaigns and messages, marketing budgeting and expenses.  

Karen Jacques, Sales Manager – 10 years’ experience across hospitality and tourism. Speaks to Airbnb and tour companies across Edinburgh and introduces Unbaggaged to their inbound guests. 

Give us a brief overview of Unbaggaged? 

Unbaggaged offers a service in which we collect, store, and drop off luggage at any place or time. Removing the need for customers to make two trips to store and retrieve their luggage.  

This allows travellers to check in and out of Airbnb’s without worrying about their luggage while they have a layover and explore the city hassle free. 

What makes you excited about the problem you are solving? 

Unbaggaged are disrupting the travel industry one bag at the time, making traveller is lives easier and allowing them to make the most out of their time during a vacation.  

We are hoping to offer this service Europe wide so travellers journeys can be hands free and hassle free.   

Why did you choose the Geovation Scotland accelerator programme? 

We want to benefit from the expertise in location data around Scotland. We also want to be mentored by and collaborate with industry experts to help make our business better.  

In addition, we hope to gain funding to help our business grow in order to expand to the next city. 

What are your main goals for the accelerator programme? 

Using google addresses to pick up luggage is a main component of our business. So, accessing the Geospatial resource, skills, talent, and capital available from Geovation Scotland will be a great support.   

We would also like support to refine our MVP product and make it more seamless and scalable to another city. We have already expanded to Glasgow and are looking to expand to other cities in the UK and Europe. 

What does it mean to you / your team to be part of the Scottish tech start-up community?  

We are very thankful for being in the Scottish tech start-up and the traveltech community as it is such a great opportunity toshare and learn from each other. With the struggle of running your own start-up in the Scottish Start-up Ecosystem, knowledge sharing is crucial. 

Networks are also important so we can work together to fill the gaps of the current offerings in the market and help each other while making an impact. 

Learn more 

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