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By Geovation Scotland


Carbon capture and storage through land management can help reduce carbon emissions. It is currently estimated that the soil in Scotland contains over 60X the amount of carbon held in plants and trees (NatureScot). So, finding a way to manage this efficiently is paramount to the country’s efforts to be net zero and tackle the climate emergency.

Rethink Carbon, is creating a platform for land managers to see their options for land use, making it easier to make informed decisions based on carbon capture and storage, community and financial outcomes. Geovation Scotland is delighted to have Rethink Carbon on our programme, here is a little more insight into the company.

Tell us a little bit about yourself / your team?

I am Mark Caulfield, co-founder and seasoned software creator with three decades of experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work with start-ups, public sector organisations, and private enterprises in various roles. Over the years, I’ve built innovative products and technical teams and ran a successful software development company, Ginger.

My co-founder, Zoë Russell, brings a unique blend of scientific and managerial expertise to our team. With a PhD on red grouse and moorland management, she spent 16 years in the public sector culminating in a software development project management role before joining me at Ginger. Zoë also holds a Certified Scrum Master qualification.

Our Head of Engagement, Freddie Ryan, offers almost a decade’s worth of experience in the rural sector. He has provided Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise and support to land managers across the UK. Additionally, Freddie holds a General Line of Sight Certificate (GVC), allowing him to operate industry-standard drones for capturing photogrammetry and LiDAR data.

Completing our team, Phillip Lockwood Holmes is our Chief Marketing Officer. Phillip played a significant role in growing Whitespace, an Edinburgh-based creative agency, for two decades. He now uses his experience to work with start-up opportunities that address the climate emergency

Give us a brief overview of your company?

Founded in 2021 through a CivTech challenge, Rethink Carbon seeks to revolutionise land management with an innovative platform that integrates data science, AI, and community engagement. Our mission is to empower land managers by providing a user-friendly tool that enhances decision-making and increases carbon capture and storage.

We analyse numerous land use scenarios for a given parcel (unique, well-defined unit of land) considering factors such as potential income, CO2 sequestration, and community feedback. The platform not only provides a visualisation of various land use options but also an analysis of their potential impacts. Our unique blend of advanced technology and user feedback enables informed choices that benefit both the environment and communities.

As we continue on this path, our focus remains on promoting sustainable use of land
resources. Our ultimate goal is to help in the fight against climate change and contribute to the creation of sustainable communities, guided by technology and collective decision-

What makes you excited about the problem you are solving?

What really excites us is that we’re not just addressing a problem – we’re making a real impact on a biggie, climate change.

Our platform is kind of like a time machine. It lets users travel to different futures, seeing what their decisions today would mean for tomorrow. With just a few clicks, land managers can visualise and calculate the impact of a whole host of scenarios. It’s about laying all the cards on the table and saying, “Look, this is what happens if we take this route.”

At Rethink Carbon, we’re dedicated to equipping land managers and communities with the necessary knowledge and tools to tackle climate challenges head-on and initiate substantial, positive change. This mission, coupled with the tangible impact we’re making, is what gets us out of bed every morning, eager to face the day.

Why did you choose the Geovation Scotland accelerator programme?

Choosing the Geovation Scotland accelerator programme felt like a no-brainer for us. For starters, the access to location data is an absolute goldmine that allows us to dig deeper, analyse better, and provide even more accurate predictions and visualisations.

On top of that, being part of the programme means we’re surrounded by potential partners. These connections can open doors, catalyse collaborations, and spur innovations that we might not have come across otherwise.

Lastly, but just as importantly, the programme offers us the opportunity to liaise with the government. This allows us to stay abreast of the latest regulations, understand the needs of the public sector, and explore potential avenues for cooperation.

In short, Geovation Scotland is providing us with the resources, connections, and opportunities that are helping us take Rethink Carbon to the next level.

What are your main goals for the accelerator programme?

We’ve got a few clear goals in mind. First off, we want to dive into the rich location data resources it offers. It’s a treasure trove we believe can really boost the capabilities of our platform, refining our predictions and making our visualisations even more accurate.

Secondly, we’re eager to forge new contacts within the location data sphere. Networking is key in any industry, and we believe the connections we can make here will be invaluable.

Thirdly, we’re looking forward to becoming an integral part of the wider Geovation community. We want to learn from others, share our knowledge, and contribute to the overall vibrancy and innovation of the community.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we’re aiming to use the programme as a launchpad for our platform. We’re ready to hit the ground running, and believe that with the resources and support we’ll get from Geovation Scotland, we can make a real splash with our launch.
What does it mean to you / your team to be part of the Scottish tech start-up community?

Being part of the Scottish tech start-up community means the world to us. It feels like we’re in the right place at the right time, surrounded by vibrant energy, innovative ideas, and folks who are as passionate about technology as we are.

There’s a wealth of opportunities here. Whether it’s the chance to collaborate with other start-ups, learn from industry veterans, or explore new tech. There’s also an abundance of support. It’s like we’re all in this together, cheering each other on, sharing knowledge, and helping each other navigate the ups and downs of the start-up journey.

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